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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daddy's turn to blog!!!

Alright! Since our blog has been up I have yet to post on it, but today, all that changes!!! I don't think we have had a post on our blog since moving. A lot has happened. We have been able to go to plays, Disney on ice and see our first ever REAL Salt Lake game which they won 2-0 last weekend! It was amazing! All of these things have been real fun to do. I finally graduated with my bachelor's of accounting and am on my way in a new career with the state! Celeste graduated with her associates degree the same time I graduated and is now pursuing a bachelor's degree in photography! She has also decided to take advantage of the many community classes up here in the area by starting karate again (She will get her first belt promotion this week!) and taking dance classes and she will be performing in September! (Can't wait!) On top of her dance she has started Brexton into his own dance lessons and he absolutely loves them! He gets to wear a cape and be a super hero/wizard. (I can't think of a better combination of super powers to put together)

We have a fun year planned out so far. We will be hitting the mountains this coming 4th of July with the rest of our family at our family reunion. After Celeste's dance performance in September we want to Celebrate our 5 year anniversary early and go to six flags! Then next spring we will be joining Celeste's family and going to Disney Land! I also have another scheduled trip but this one is for my work. I will be going to San Jose to make some one's life miserable for two weeks! My poor wife is scared to be alone with the kids for two weeks and sad she will be without me.

Well, that's about all that is going on thus far in our new location. I know several of you still want us to put pictures up of our new house. Celeste will be putting her camera skills to good use soon to accommodate those few. As for me, here has been my little project of late. Stories of my kids.

It’s funny how scared Brexton is of loud noises or small things that move. At Halloween, we went to the trunk or treat and one car had a creepy little doll that moved on the ground and totally freaked him out he didn’t want to get anywhere near that car again, it was kind of funny but if I were him I would have freaked too. He has finally started getting used to the vacuum just after turning 3, he even stayed outside when I was mowing the lawn recently. (Celeste blames me for him being scared of loud things, I think it is just who he is). Adelyn, on the other hand doesn’t even flinch whenever I turn on the vacuum! I thought it would be my daughters who would be the scaredy-cats not my sons!

As I, my wife and my two kids Brexton (3yrs) and Adelyn (1Yr) were walking in Walmart through the baby section, we were looking at some girl clothes and very near Girls panties and Brexton saw Dora the explorer panties on the rack and said “I want those underwears!”

Every time I give Adelyn (13 Months) a kiss she says “Daddu” I’m not sure if she says “Daddy” or “Thank you” but it sure is gosh dang cute! Some of the other words that she can now say (15 Months) is Daddy, Mommy, Puppy, Hi, No, Ni-night, Woof, and Whoa. For the longest time every time I asked her to say “Daddy” she would say “Mommy”, then I would tell her to say “Puppy” and she would. Then I would try “Daddy again would still say “Mommy”. I finally had Brexton say “Daddy” and then asked Adelyn to say it just after he said it and she did!

Adelyn’s likes right now (15 mo) are Eating, Dancing to music, Eating, Milk, Eating, Candy, Eating, Leading music in Church, Screaming in Church because she wants to eat, Spilling Cereal in Church, Eating, Playing with Brexton, The Kitties (Phoenix doesn’t like her), trying to get on mommy and daddy’s phones, trying to swipe the computer or tv screens like a phone, eating, trying to get every remote control she can and push buttons, get into the bathroom (She almost dropped Brexton’s Leapster in the toilet yesterday!) Getting into mommy’s yarn and paint, pretending to talk on the phone, and I think…. Eating!

Brexton’s likes right now (3 ½ yrs) Not loving mommy or daddy (“well I don’t love you, you’re not my best friend” “well I guess I don’t get to play with you” “you don’t love me”) Tormenting the cats. (Both cats aren’t too fond of him) tormenting his sister (sometimes she likes it… sometimes) Playing video games on anything, watching movies, home videos, and tv, Asking why… a lot! Pretending to order pizza or talk to grandma on the phone, And not having mommy or daddy pick him up from the baby sitter and not having them check on him or runs away when he is in trouble. Ok maybe this mostly should have been things he doesn’t like. He does like candy but doesn’t like to eat very much (honestly I don’t know how that kid survives on how little he eats) He also doesn’t like to go to bed.

Sunday April 28th 2013, as we were walking into church to start sacrament Brexton lost track of us and we had stopped near the door and he had followed this other family and got to the bench in the middle of this other family and saw the dad and began crying and we saw him just as he started crying and started laughing and calling for him at the same time. When he got back to us his crying was still uncontrollable and kind of fit like flailing of his arms and legs as if he was mad at us for what had happened (seems to be the norm sometimes) the dad came back to us and said sorry for scaring him and said now he will hate him forever. It was really comedic. It is nice to know that your child really does love you even if it takes him thinking he has lost us to show that he was scared we weren’t there for him.

May 2013, Sometime in the first week, I was getting Brexton a hotdog and got out the ketchup. I opened it and was about to put some on his hotdog but then I saw it was separated a little and so closed the top and began to shake. 3 seconds into shaking the bottle the top came open and ketchup hit my eye and face. OW! I had to get to a sink fast. Brexton was quiet for about 20 to 30 seconds when halfway through washing my eye out I here this blood curdling scream come from Brexton and realize, though I couldn’t see him that I must have gotten him too! Under the water of the faucet I tried to calm him down telling him it was ok. He continued to cry. Finally after washing out of my eye what I could (still having ketchup on some of the side of my face and in my hair) I looked over at Brexton and saw ketchup all over his face and wondered what it must have been like for him at 3 years old to suddenly realize something hit you in the face, confused about what it was, touch your face and pull down your hand to find red (Blood like ketchup) on your hand and think something must be wrong so I am going to scream bloody murder now! After calming Brexton down, I told Celeste that she needed to come see the carnage. She didn’t think it was funny. At the time I didn’t either but I knew looking back at it it would be pretty hilarious. And as I wrote this, yes, it is freaking hilarious.

May 2013, When Brexton wakes up in the morning he usually comes upstairs and goes potty in the upstairs bathroom. However, one morning he headed up the stairs and I guess he saw ants by the main door which is halfway up the stairs. For some reason he has a really big fear of bugs and so because these sugar ants (Barely visible to the naked eye) were crawling around the door on the stairs he would not come up the stair but needed to go potty so I guess (This is Celeste’s story not mine so all the info may not be accurate) he screams and wakes up Celeste and crying to her tells her what is wrong. I doubt Celeste was happy.

June 12, 2013 – Adelyn was sick today, she woke up about 10:30 PM and when we got her she just wanted to cuddle and you could tell she didn’t feel good and she had a fever. Regardless, she still was playing peek-a-boo with Celeste and giving us a cheesy kind of fake laugh. Even when she is sick she is still super cute. Love my little girl!

June 25, 2013 – So Brexton has had this fascination lately with forms of measurement. A few weeks ago he came into the bedroom after just being in the bathroom and exclaims to me “Daddy! I’m 400 Pounds!” I had a little chuckle about that one. Then about a week ago he has been talking about stuff like 90,000 miles, and 100 hours. Yesterday he asked me a question about something which I can’t remember and I answered him and he said “Your correct daddy! Your right!” It is so fun to watch my boy grow up. Adelyn has been talking a lot more lately, her new thing when we say no Adelyn, she replies “Why?” and I tell her and she says “Why?” I thought she wasn’t supposed to get to the why stage until she was almost 3! She also likes anything that looks like a phone. (Insight into the teen years maybe?) She will pick up the phone and she will say “Wahwoh!” (Hello) She is also very polite and anytime you give her food or a toy or something she says “DayDoo!” (Thank you) And if you sneeze she says “DeyDoo!” The other day I was trying to feed her and I told her to say “ahhh” she replied with “AHHHHH!!!!” (a scream) Also a while ago we had been watching the Lorax and Celeste was singing the part that goes something like “Nah, Nah, Na-na-na-nah, nah nah nah na-nah nah nah nah. Now You!” Anyhow she caught onto it and has been singing that part for weeks now saying “Nah, Nah, Nah-Nah-Nah. Naw You!!!” I’m still trying to catch her singing it on camera but she instantly zips up when I point my phone at her. (I think it’s that fascination with phones thing and hoping she will get it from me).

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